What’s Causing Your Bacne?

Bacne is not only painful, but it can also be difficult to treat and manage. Keep reading to learn about the most common causes of acne and how to avoid them.

Bacne can be caused by...

Oily Hair

Bacne can be caused by residue from oily hair being easily transported to the shoulders and back. Wear your hair up or consider washing it more frequently to avoid this. 

Bag Straps

When bag straps rub against the skin, friction occurs, transferring dirt to the skin and promoting bacne. If the straps on your bag are removable, wash them once a week. If they can't be taken off, wear a shirt that covers the region where your luggage rests. If you want to avoid friction and irritation, choose a bag that is lightweight and fits appropriately. 

Sweaty Workout Clothes

Long periods of time spent in sweaty training clothes can trap sweat and dirt on the skin, leading to an increase in back acne. To decrease bacne, shower or change your clothes as soon as possible after a workout. 

Conditioner Residue

In the shower, conditioner residue can block your back pores, causing outbreaks. After conditioning, wash your back to remove any conditioner residue. 

Tight Clothing

Tight clothing causes skin irritation and increased back blemishes due to friction and sweating. If you have bacne, try wearing looser clothes or when working out when you sweat a lot. 

Dirty Sheets

To avoid sleeping with acne-causing bacteria, clean your sheets on a regular basis. 

In  short, keep your skin clean and dry and avoid friction-causing clothing and bags. Fortunately, bacne is generally difficult to reach and hence difficult to pick at; but, if you can reach your blemishes, don't pop or pick at them because this can cause scarring and hinder your body's capacity to recover. 

Bacne Treatment

Cleanse: Cleanse for 60 seconds in the shower with Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA Real Cica 92% Cool Calming Soothing Gel. To avoid pore-clogging build-up, remember to cleanse after conditioning. 

Exfoliate: Exfoliating your skin is the key to treating and preventing bacne. Use the Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Body Cleanser to clear pore blockages with AHAs, BHAs and PHAs. 

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