How To Layer Your Skin Care Products

What’s the best order to layer skin care products?

We often get an overwhelming sense of anxiety when we open our medicine cabinet before going to bed and stare at all the toners, serums, treatments, and moisturisers. Which one should we put on first and which one do we put on last? What is the best way to apply your products in order to get the best results? We're putting a stop to the confusion right now.

Rule of thumb

When layering products, the basic rule is to start with the lightest and work your way up to the heaviest to avoid one product blocking the absorption of the next. This means you should start with a toner, then an essence, then a serum, moisturiser and finally a sunscreen. Why should you use a toner before applying a serum? Toner will remove any remaining makeup and dirt, allowing the serum to penetrate faster.

But what about guidelines that apply only to certain treatments? Is there anything like that?

Yes, indeed! In the case of retinol, for example, we recommend applying it last, after your moisturiser. A retinoid absorbs better when applied to moisturised skin, according to research. But be careful if you also use any products with certain acids in them.  Make sure you don't combine an anti-aging product with an alpha-hydroxy or glycolic acid before using a retinoid, as this can cause irritation.

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